Trailed sprayers

ATLANT 4200-36

This model of the sprayer with a large tank (4200 liters) and a massive working width (36m) of the processed area will be irreplaceable in farms where it is necessary to process large areas of crops.

Trailed Sprayer ATLANT 4200

Given model of sprayer has new design of tank, that meant to be used with herbicides and liquid fertilizers, also has big volume 4200l. The sprayer has hydropneumatic type of suspension.

Boom width, m 28, 32, 36
Main tank capacity l 4200

Trailer sprayers of the professional series ATLANT have an important advantage: the angles of the right and left wings of the boomare regulated separately.

Boom width, m 18, 22, 24, 28
Main tank capacity, l 3
Trailed Sprayer series OPK, model 3200-24 with aluminum boom and droplet deposition system

This is the trailed model of the sprayer that equipped with hydraulic boom made of aluminum alloy, and a special droplet deposition system. It has the ability to step less change of track width in a range from 1800 mm to 2550 mm.

Boom width, m 24
Plastic tank capacity, m3 3,2
Trailed sprayer TITAN 3000-28

This is the trailed model of the sprayer, that equipped with hydraulic boom of 28 m. The height position of the boom above ground level (in the range from 700 to 2300 mm) can be smoothly changed while driving.

Boom width, m 28
Main tank capacity, l 3000
Trailed Sprayer TITAN 3000-24 (OPK-3000-24)

The trailed sprayer of OP series performs efficient treatment of plants, thanks to the wide grip of the boom (24 m) and a capacious tank (3,000 liters), the productive pump of spraying system (250 l/min).

Boom width, m 24
Plastic tank capacity, m3 3

It is a reliable and high-performance sprayer, which has a simple and very strong design, which guarantees a long service life of the machine even under increased loads.

Boom width, m 24
Plastic tank capacity, m3 3,2
Trailed sprayer KRONOS-3000-22

Easy-to-use modification of trailed sprayer having a highly reliable design. Efficiently processes large areas, thanks to the volume hydraulic boom with a working width of 22 m, that can be changed of height position in the range of 0.6-1.85 m.

Boom width, m 22
Main tank capacity, m3 3
Trailed Sprayer KRONOS-3000-18

This trailed sprayer is able to treat the plants on a large area with a minimum number of refueling of working fluid. The equipment set of the spraying system consists of the pump of Italian production and the Lechler nozzles of German production.

Boom width, m 18
Plastic tank capacity, m3 2
Trailed sprayer KRONOS-2500-22

This model of trailed sprayer has a hydraulic boom of 22m. The tank for chemical is equipped with an injector mixer with ceramic ferrules and spraying system has the nozzles with flat and injection nebulizers.

Boom width, m 21
Plastic tank capacity, m3 2
Trailed sprayer Kronos-2000-18

The design of the chassis of the sprayer allows the smoothly adjust the track width (1550 mm to 2100 mm), so it has excellent passability. Management of spraying process is performed via the on-board computer.

Boom width, m 18
Plastic tank capacity, m3 2
Trailed Sprayer ODYSSEY-2500-22 (OPK-2500-22 SPS)

The advantage of this sprayer is the ability to perform the spraying of plants without refueling over a large area (tank capacity - 2.5 cubic meters). It also can be equipped with mixer for preparing the working liquid directly in the tank.

Boom width, m 22
Main tank capacity l 2500
ODYSSEY 2000-18 (OP-2000, OPK-2000SHPS)

The design of the sprayer allows you to adjust the height of the hydraulic boom (range 0,6-1,8 m) directly during the movement of the unit. Also, it is lightweight and maneuverable, thanks to the small tank and a relatively short boom.

Hydraulic mechanism of folding / unfolding the boom
Boom width, m 18

Trailed sprayer - an agricultural unit, consisting of a spray system, hydraulic boom and the working liquid tank reserve, established at a general not self-propelled chassis. Chassis and spraying system are equipped with technical means allowing them to be aggregated with the tractor that is able to move the sprayer on the working route, simultaneously powering the pump of the spraying system.

Trailed sprayers from manufacturer

PJSC "BOGUSLAVSKAYA SELKHOZTEKHNIKA" offers its customers the best trailed sprayers both in quality and functionality.

Two important factors contribute to the high quality of the parts and units of sprayers: using in the manufacture of advanced modern technologies and design solutions, as well as the use of components from world famous companies-manufacturers of equipment used in agriculture. Here are some of them: "Annovi Reverberi" (pumps for sprayers), "Weasler" (cardan shafts for agricultural machinery), "Lechler" (nozzle), "Raven" (equipment for precision farming) and "ARAG" (computer control system and plastic parts for spraying systems).

Sprayers made by PJSC "BOGUSLAVSKAYA SELKHOZTEKHNIKA" have many advantages. First of all, it is worth noting a large range of models, allowing the client to choose the one that best suited for his farm. The models differ in the tank volume for the working liquid, the length of the hydraulic boom, performance of spraying system pump, tires and other parameters. However, they all have high speed and maneuverability, the ability to change the height the boom position relative to the ground level, the ability to smoothly change of the track width, the devices, extinguishing vibrations of the boom and stabilizing its position. Furthermore, it is conveniently to control the sprayers both in terms of their movement on the working route and in the control of the spraying process and preparation of the working liquid. Chassis design, navigation, cruise control, trip computer, mixer of different volumes, special equipment packages (some of these positions are available as an option) make the process of working with such sprayers truly comfortable.

Buy trailed sprayer in Ukraine

If you want to buy the trailed sprayers, please contact the PJSC "BOGUSLAVSKAYA SELKHOZTEKHNIKA" and make sure their excellent quality and reasonable prices.

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