Trailed Sprayer ATLANT 4200

Trailed Sprayer ATLANT 4200
Trailed Sprayer ATLANT 4200

Given model of sprayer has new design of tank, that meant to be used with herbicides and liquid fertilizers, also has big volume 4200l. The sprayer has hydropneumatic type of suspension.

Boom width, m 28, 32, 36
Main tank capacity l 4200
Clear water tank capacity l 420
Pump performance, l/min 250, 320, 380
Tires 15,5R38 or 13,6R48
Track width, mm 1800, 2100, 2250
Ground clearance, mm 700
Processing boom height, mm 500-2300
Cardan shaft L=1360 mm
Computer “ARAG” – “Bravo 180S” installed
Mixer with cans washing device installed
The nozzles for 3 sprayer (2 standard + 1 injection) installed
Set for washing the tank and spray system installed
Set injection mixer installed
Pneumatic brake system, installed
Computer “ARAG” with integrated GPS navigator “Bravo 400S” option

Trailed Sprayer ATLANT 4200

The sprayer ATLANT 4200 has a high level of reliability. It is able to ensure high performance and prolonged protective treatment of crops that is especially important in households with large crop areas. The sprayer is equipped with a very large tank for a working liquid (4200 liters). Therefore, its chassis is made of high-lasting. The design of the hydraulic boom sprayer is a bulk farm. Its length can be 28, 32 or 36m. At the last time, the structural elements of the farm serve profiled pipes whose material is a special aluminum alloy. This boom is very resistant to corrosion, as well as being lighter. Because of this increased service life of the sprayer.

Dynamic loads on the frame of the sprayer and its boomare blanked by the suspensions of the chassis and the boom (parallelogram designed). Due to this, the machine is capable of uniformly treating the culture at high speeds.

Sprayingboom is held in a horizontal position even in the event of collision with the unevenness on the field. The stability of its provisions provides a mechanism with pendulum action principle and hydro-mechanical system, damping vertical vibrations.

Section at the edges of the boom can deflect horizontally and vertically while passing obstacles. Special protection mechanism ensures their return to the same position as soon as the obstacle is passed.

The brake system of the sprayer is pneumatic, and the chassis suspension – hydro-pneumatic. Thanks to them, the unit is able to smoothly and safely moving through the field during the spraying and on public roads.

To control the crucial functions of the sprayer (preparation solution in a mixer, feeding the working liquid, washing tanks, filling the main tank, washing system) provides the control panel located in its front part. Using panel minimizes the errors and makes the operators workmore comfortable.

The washing system of the sprayer provides a washing of the pump, spray system, mixer, and main tank with clean water. Thanks to powerful rotating spray nozzles, the inner walls of the container are washed more efficiently.

The nozzle of the spray system are mounted on the stainless steel collectors. Provided their protection in the case that the boom will be damaged. Pressure hoses have a protective plastic spiral in those places where they might potentially be damaged or bended.

Manufacturer of spray system pump is the company "AnnoviReverberi" (Italy), manufacturer of the communication elements is the company "ARAG" (Italy), and manufacturer of nozzles is "Lechler" (Germany). They all are the world famous manufacturers of components for sprayers. Thanks to them, ATLANT is reliable in operation and very efficient in plant protection.

Автор: Виталий Серый

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