UAN (Nitrogen solutions)

UAN (Nitrogen solutions)

Injection of UAN (urea-ammonium nitrate water) is currently the only way to ensure that plants will get all three forms of nitrogen: nitrate, ammonium and amide. The composition of this liquid fertilizer is as follows: 44.3% saltpeter, 35.4% - carbamide, 19.4% water, 0.5% ammonia water. Its density is approximately 1.34 kg/m3.

The best way for injection of UAN into the soil can be carried out with the help of applicators for fertilizing of LFM series of PJSC "BOGUSLAVSKAYA SELKHOZTEKHNIKA" manufacturing. These aggregates can successfully use UAN for nitric feeding of plants in any season of the year: in autumn (primary treatment), spring (pre-plant treatment), as well as during the growing season crops. Feeding can be done as a root and foliar.

Fertilizer Machines

Machinery for fertilizing of mentioned above series have all the necessary equipment that allows to effectively applying them to their destination. They are equipped with working liquid reserve tank (capacity depends on the series and the model), and a highly reliable system of feeding and distribution of the working liquid. In this case, it provides everything needed to be comfortable to operate the unit in manual or automatic mode. The process of introduction, design and layout of the units as a whole and their individual parts thought in such a way that there is no leakage of introducted liquid fertilizers, the introduction bodies is not clogged by soil particles and given by operator rate of introduction was changed accordingly to the speed of the unit.

Ammonia Water Introduction

Injection of ammonia water (18-25% aqueous solution of ammonia; formula - NH3H2O) - used in farm work, during the main reception for plowing, and in the spring - for pre-cultivation. In addition, it can help to feed row crops. The injection of ammonia water into the soil is possible, using the same units as described above. For use in agriculture is suitable only aqueous ammonia of brand B.

If you are interested in equipment for fertilizing, which will feed the seed cultures with UAN and ammonia water, contact the PJSC "BOGUSLAVSKAYA SELKHOZTEKHNIKA". We offer high-quality equipment that uses components from global leading manufacturers, at reasonable prices.

Автор: Александр Малый