Disc Applicators

Applicator LFM-5000-10

The applicator of this model produces the enrichment of the soil by liquid fertilizers, having a density up to 1.42 g/cm3. For the movement is attached to the tractor having a 90 HP or more. The implement coupling - semi-trailed.

Model designation LFM-5000-10
Productivity, h 7.1-13.8
Applicator LFM-3000-6

This equipment is able to produce enrichment of the soil with fertilizers at a speed of 5.1-9.3 hectares per hour of main time. The depth of fertilizer introduction — 200 mm. The processing width — 6 m. The diameter of metal discs — 530 mm.

Model Designation LFM-3000-6
Productivity, ha/1 5.1-9.3