Applicator LFM-3000-6

Applicator LFM-3000-6
Applicator LFM-3000-6

This equipment is able to produce enrichment of the soil with fertilizers at a speed of 5.1-9.3 hectares per hour of main time. The depth of fertilizer introduction — 200 mm. The processing width — 6 m. The diameter of metal discs — 530 mm.

Model Designation LFM-3000-6
Productivity, ha/1 5.1-9.3
Pump, l/min 145
Swath width, m 6
Diameter of the disks, mm 530
Rows 13
Depth of application, mm 200
Tankcapacity, l. 3000
Range of speed, km/h 7-14

These aggregates are used to enrich the soil with a liquid solution of mineral fertilizers. With their help, it is possible to perform a continuous treatment and the inter-row. To move the unit can be used different models of tractors, power not less than 90 hp. The applicator aggregated with a tractor by semi-trailer connection method.

The membrane-piston pump supplies fertilizer to introduction bodies. The pump is driven by the machines wheel. This ensures the uniform supply of the fertilizer solution regardless of the applicator speed. The fertilizers reserve stored in a thick-walled plastic tank.In this case used a special plastic that can withstand the impact of the aggressive chemical solution for a long time.

The bodies of fertilizer introduction are disk type. Their design is quite simple. Fertilizers are supplied to the soil through the pipes attached to the knives of figured configuration. The knives are located directly behind the metal disks.

An important advantage of the applicator is easy to control. The operator can see the current supply rate of fertilizer on the monitor that is placed directly in the tractor cab. If necessary, it is possible to make a change of supply range to applicator sections using a special regulator. In the design of the system provides the ability to redirect excess fertilizing solution back into the tank. Rotameters help to control the capacity of fertilizer supply to the introduction bodies and detect those are clogged. There are dosing washers with calibrated holes in design of the rotameters.

Thanks to them, the fertilizer evenly distributed on the working bodies of the unit. The result is high efficiency fertilization and their distribution all over the working width. Operating pressure of supply system is maintained in the range of 4-6 atmospheres, in order to prevent clogging of the supply pipes. If the pressure suddenly falls below the level of 0.5 atmosphere, will work shut-off valves included in the protection system against leakage of fertilizing solution in cases of stop or turning of the applicator.

Автор: Александр Малый

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