Accessories for sprayers

Bravo 180 Computer

Economical, reliable and powerful computer that allows to control the speed, covered distance, the flow rate of a working liquid, the processing area, a working liquid flow per unit area and the total consumption, voltage of the battery, the value of the operating pressure.

Bravo 400S computer

A computer model that can be used as a navigator. It is equipped with a display with a high resolution and diagonal of 5.7 inches (TFT-matrix). You can display vectors, distances, and the number of rows to return to the place of treatment interruption.

Seletron nozzle keeper

The solenoid valve that controls the injectors. It has an integrated electronic control unit that controls the motor. It transmits and receives data from a computer via the CAN bus. It allows splitting the boom into as many sections as installed nozzles.

GPS-system of parallel driving Raven Cruizer II

Navigator, equipped with built-in DGPS receiver with survey the satellites 600 times per minute and a frequency of 10 Hz, and a high brightness color touch screen having a diagonal of 14 cm.

Smart Steer system

Automatic steering system, equipped with a built-in three axes gyroscope is used to correct errors on a slopes and roughness. It provides driving both parallel and along curved paths. Manual control is not blocking.

mixer Boguslav 28

Additional equipment for the preparation of working solution that works by the principle of ejection.

Capacity 28 liters.
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mixer Polmac 20

The main objective of this additional equipment is to prevent the foaming when mixing pesticides with water.

Capacity 20 liters.
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mixer Polmac 35

The mixer of a working liquid is intended for fast and qualitative preparation of mother liquors at refilling of sprayers

Capacity 35 liters.
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mixer Polmac 42

A capacious tank of this mixer will speed up the process of mixing the working solution.

Capacity 42 liters.
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mixer Polmac 50

A specific feature of this mixer is the impressive size of the tank and an additional cover that protects the sensors during the spraying process.

Capacity 50 liters.
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