Control units

three-section control unit manual proportional (4712302В0)

The unit model has three sections. Its design includes calibrating valves of compensation type. It has a modular arrangement, thanks to that the unit is equipped with the necessary number of valves, filters, pressure regulators, and other elements.

programmable control block distributive with memory (4715502Р3CS)

This regulator-distributor of 471 Series of proportional type has five sections. The kit includes a speed sensor, electric valve, the connecting cables, pressure gauge, filter, fittings, flow meter, block of automatic control BRAVO 180 (optional - foam marker).

3-section block of solenoid valves with reverse flow regulation (46301351)

This device of 463 Series allows the user to adjust the return flow by special regulators. The unit consists of three sections of electric valves. It is able to withstand pressures up to 20 bar.

5-section block of solenoid valves with reverse flow regulation (46301551)

This model of regulator block includes 5 solenoid valves and refers to the 463 Series. Its distinguishing feature - the control of backflow that is carried out by regulators that specially provided for this purpose.

3-section manual control unit (код 471030200)

This control unit 471 series consists of three valves with manual adjustment. It is capable of operating at pressures up to 2 MPa, and has a throughput of 120 liters per minute.

programmable control block distributive with memory (4715302Р3CS)

Regulators-distributors to this model related to the 471 Series are computer-controlled. They make it possible to automatically maintain a certain rate of flow of liquid fertilizers. The processing parameters are displayed. Number of solenoid - 5.

Single-section control unit (471110200)

A simple modification of the control unit, which consists of one section and includes a manual valve and a pressure regulator. It refers to the 471 Series. Maximum operating pressure - 20 atmospheres.

5-section block of solenoid valves (46300551)

The kit of the control unit consists of five sections with 5 solenoid valves of 463011S series. All of them (as well as other elements of the unit) has a structure that allows the device to withstand a pressure of 2000 kPa.

2-section manual control unit (471120200)

Throughput of the two-section modification of the control unit 471 series is 120 liters per minute. Maximum operating pressure - 20 bar. The structure includes a valve of 471202 model and two valve of 463051 model.

control unit 3-sectional manual (471130200)

The model refers to the manual regulator-distributors of constant pressure that give the opportunity to exhibit a certain working pressure and maintain it at a constant level while maintaining the frequency of rotation of the PTO. It has 3 sections.

Not available outside Ukraine