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About us

PJSC "BOGUSLAVSKAYA SELKHOZTECHNIKA" is the largest in Ukraine manufacturer of sprayers for agriculture and equipment for application of liquid fertilizer.

The range of our products for plant protection includes:

  • trailed sprayers ODYSSEY, KRONOS, TITAN and ATLANT of 18m, 22m, 24m, 28m, 32m and 36m working width  with capacity of 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000 liters plastic tanks;
  • Trailed sprayers with air assisted system STORM;
  • Self-propelled sprayers BOGUSLAV IBIS and BOGUSLAV MAF.

The range of our products for application of liquid fertilizer includes:

  • injection applicators LFM -3000-8.4 and LFM -5000-12;

  • equipment for injection of UAN (Nitrogen solutions) and ammonia water disc applicators LFM-3000-6 and LFM 5000-10;
  • trailed plant-feeder for fertilizing PP-5000-01, PP-5000-02 and PP- 10 000-01.

We also perform the work on the re-equipment of cultivators for injection of UAN (Nitrogen solutions) and of ammonia water.

Experienced staff, advanced technology, many years of experience and attention we give to feedback from our customers ensures reliability of our products. More than 5,000 trailed sprayers are operated for plant protection in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgari, Poland and Hungary.


Our machinery will protect your crop!

With respect,
Gavrylenko Petro