Trailed sprayer Kronos-2000-18

Trailed sprayer Kronos-2000-18
Trailed sprayer Kronos-2000-18

The design of the chassis of the sprayer allows the smoothly adjust the track width (1550 mm to 2100 mm), so it has excellent passability. Management of spraying process is performed via the on-board computer.

Boom width, m 18
Plastic tank capacity, m3 2
Volumetric pump flow, m3/h 9.6
Tires 9.5R42
Tracking range, m 1.55-2.1
Ground clearance, mm 650
Weight of unit, t 1.6
Adjustment of boom height installation, m 0,6-1,85
Cardan shaft L = 1010 mm, manufacturer/model \"Weasler\"/AB1

Trailed sprayer
Series KRONOS Model 2500-18

This modern trailed sprayer is equipped with everything necessary for the successful implementation of its tasks. It has an excellent passability, and has several design features that make it simple and convenient in operation.

Special attention deserves the controlling computer ARAG Bravo 180 (for 3 sections). It allows monitoring a number of parameters: the level of the liquid in the tank, speed, treated area, treatment duration, pressure, flow rate, scheduled route, the number of liquid poured out and some others.

Not the least role in the convenience of operation of the sprayer plays mixer for 28 liters, equipped with a special device that allowing to perform washing cans.

In addition, the driver can, without interrupting the movement and without leaving the tractor cab, change the height of the hydraulic boom (range 0.6 m - 1.8 m), and gently adjust the width of the sprayer track (range 1.55 m - 2.1 m).

Question of the reliability of the entire unit and its individual components was also given appropriate attention. The plastic sprayer tank capacity of 2,000 liters established a set of two mixers of injector type to maintain the concentration of the liquid at the appropriate level. To ensure durable, trouble-free and efficient operation of the spraying system it uses 3 ways nozzles holder of company “Lechler” (Germany) with nozzle (ID injector).

Corrosion resistance of the metal construction of the frame and the hydraulic boom are provided with the application in manufacturing the processing sandblasting and powder coating.

The damping vibrations of the boom and ensuring the stability of its position during the workare provided by the pendulum mechanism and a special system consisting of several hydraulic and mechanical components.

Even clash spray boom with small obstacles is not a problem on the condition it does not exceed the deviation from vertical 15˚ and 45˚ from horizontal. In this case, the boom will simply be returned to its former position by a defense mechanism against the collision.

The length of the bulk structure of the hydraulic boom - 18 meters. This is lower than some other models. However, the processing area can not concede the processing area of models with longer rods at normal speed, due to the opportunity to carry out the processing at higher speed. This opportunity of sprayer is allowed by high ground clearance (650 mm) and larger diameter wheels (R42).


Автор: Виталий Серый

Optional: GPS navigator, manufacturer/model \"RAVEN\"/\"Cruizer II\"

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