Trailer sprayers of the professional series ATLANT have an important advantage: the angles of the right and left wings of the boomare regulated separately.

Boom width, m 18, 22, 24, 28
Main tank capacity, l 3
Clear water tank capacity, l 300
Pump performance, m3/h 0,25
Tires 11,2R48
Track width, mm 1800,2100,2250
Ground clearance, mm 700
Processing boom height, mm 500-2300
Cardan shaft T4,L=1360mm
Computer "ARAG" - Bravo180S installed
Mixer with cans washing device installed
The nozzles on 3 sprays (2 standard + 1 injection) installed
Set for washing the tank and spray system installed
Set injection mixer installed
Pneumatic brake system installed
GPS navigator option
Computer "ARAG" - Bravo 480S with integrated GPS navigator option
Additional droplet deposition system (TWIN) option

The ATLANT-3200 reliable sprayer has been developed to ensure high productivity of crop protection in large farms. The sprayer has a very sturdy chassis, a large-volume tank and a hydraulic boom with a volumetric design. The boom is made in the form of a bulk truss from special alloy steel. The use of powder painting technology makes it possible to increase the corrosion resistance of the structure even when liquid fertilizers are applied and to increase the service life of the sprayer.

The pendulum boom stabilization mechanism is equipped with a hydromechanical vertical oscillation damping system that holds the boom in a horizontal position regardless of field irregularities. The possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination, as the entire rod, and separately the left or right wing of the rod.

A convenient central control panel for the main functions of the sprayer, such as supplying the working fluid for spraying, preparing the solution in a mixer, washing the tank, systems, filling the main tank, is located in the front of the sprayer. Process control with this panel allows you to avoid errors in the management of the sprayer and facilitates the work of the operator.

The mechanism of protection of the extreme sections of the rod in a collision with an obstacle, allows the deviation of sections in the horizontal and vertical planes. After passing the obstacle, the section returns to the working position. The sprayer flushing system with a 300-liter tank for clean water makes it possible to flush the pump, the spraying system, the working solution mixer and the main tank with clean water. For effective washing of the inner walls of the tank, a powerful rotating nozzle is installed.

The nozzles are mounted on stainless steel collectors and are fully protected from damage by the boom structure. Additionally, a plastic protective spiral is installed on the pressure hoses in the places of their possible damage and bending.

The use of the pump of the Italian company AnnoviReverberi, the communication elements of the Italian company Arag, and the sprayers of the German company Lechler, leaders in the production of components for sprayers, ensures reliable operation of the sprayer and increases the efficiency of pesticide use.

Chassis suspension and parallelogram suspension with nitrogen power accumulators dampen dynamic loads on the frame and sprayer boom and ensure uniform processing of field crops at high speed.

The pneumatic brake system and the hydropneumatic suspension of the chassis ensure the safety and smooth movement of the sprayer both during work on the field and when moving on general roads.

On this model, you can install a system of deposition of drops TWIN, which makes it possible to work in windy weather without the risk of the drug being blown by the wind. With the help of air flow, small drops quickly penetrate the crops and cover the plants without demolition and evaporation. This option optimizes treatment terms and also reduces the application rate of the drug to 30%.

Автор: Виталий Серый

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