Trailed sprayer TITAN-3000-28

Trailed sprayer TITAN-3000-28
Trailed sprayer TITAN-3000-28

This is the trailed model of the sprayer, that equipped with hydraulic boom of 28 m. The height position of the boom above ground level (in the range from 700 to 2300 mm) can be smoothly changed while driving.

Boom width, m 28
Main tank capacity, l 3000
Volumetric pump flow “Annovi Reverberi”, m3/h 15
Tires, standard 9.5R48
Tracking range, m 1.55-2.1
Ground clearance, m 0.7
Adjustment of boom height installation, m 0.7-2.3
Cardan shaft L=1210 mm “Weasler” (model AB4)
Computer “ARAG” (5-sections), model “Bravo 180” installed
Mixer + cans washing device installed
3 ways nozzles holder with nozzle (2 ST flat + 1 ID injector) installed

Trailed sprayer TITAN 3000-28 ASU

The reliability, high performance, simplicity and strength of the structure are the distinctive features of this model. Such a unit will serve a long time, even with intensive use.
28-meter hydraulic boom has a bulk structure and is able to withstand the most intense load because of the optimal distribution. The frame elements and the boom have a high anticorrosion resistance through the use of sandblasting and painting of powder polymer.

The suspension of the boom has a parallelogram construction and is equipped with a pair of hydraulic cylinders and nitrogenous storage element. This boom has a smooth ride, and the dynamic loads that arise when operating the sprayer, smoothly damped. In addition, there is the possibility to gradually change the working height of the boom from 700 mm to 2300 mm at that time, as the sprayer moves.

Additionally, the boom includes a stabilizing mechanism (a pendulum), allowing it to return to the horizontal position despite the running of the unit on obstacles, and is equipped with a system (hydro-mechanical), dampening the vibrations that are generated in the vertical plane.

Sections have a springing protection mechanism at the edges the boom. Because of this, they can deviate up to 90 degrees both horizontally and vertically, if collided with an obstacle, and then unharmed stand in the same position.

Each nozzle of the unit is mounted on the collector node of stainless steel and has protection in case the boom would be damaged. Pressure hoses are protected by plastic spiral where they are excessively kinked or damaged.

A tank for pure water was placed at the bottom of the front to optimally position of the center of gravity of the sprayer. There are several ways to fill this tank: using a filling neck, with the help of quick coupling of the tanker, and using for this purpose a pump that is equipped with sprayer (in this case using the special hose and the filter).

The washing system makes it possible to wash the pump, spray system, a mixer for the preparation of the working solution and the main tank for clean water. To effective wash inside surfaces of the tank, it uses a pair of rotating nozzles with a powerful pressure.

To avoid reducing the concentration of the solution in the tank over time and precipitation at the bottom there is mounted a pair of mixers-injectors, nozzles that are made of ceramics.

The sprayer can perform its task at higher speeds due to the wheels of large radius (R48) and ground clearance of 0.7 m.

The pump of the unit is manufactured by "Annovi Reverberi" (Italy), communication elements - by "Arag" (Italy), and nozzles - by "Lechler" (Germany). All these companies are leading in the field of manufacturing high-quality components for agricultural machinery. Using these products in the construction of the sprayer is the guarantee to the reliability of its operation and increased efficiency of fertilizer use.

Автор: Виталий Серый

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