Trailed sprayer KRONOS-2500-22

Trailed sprayer KRONOS-2500-22
Trailed sprayer KRONOS-2500-22

This model of trailed sprayer has a hydraulic boom of 22m. The tank for chemical is equipped with an injector mixer with ceramic ferrules and spraying system has the nozzles with flat and injection nebulizers.

Boom width, m 21
Plastic tank capacity, m3 2
Volumetric pump flow \"Annovi Reverberi\", m3/h 9.6
Tires 9.5R42
Tracking range, m 1.55-2.1
Ground clearance, mm 650
Weight of unit, t 1.91
Adjustment of boom height installation, m 0,6-1,85
Cardan shaft L = 1010 mm, manufacturer/model \"Weasler\"/AB1
3 ways nozzles holder with nozzle (ID injector)
Computer, manufacturer/model \"ARAG\"/\"Bravo 180\"
Mixer, liters 28 (+ cans washing device)
Set \"Rinsing tank\", clean water tank capacity, l 170

Trailed sprayer
Series KRONOS Model 2000-21.5

It is a trailed sprayer with very broad capabilities that are provided by a robust design and the use of high-quality equipment in the spray system and the chassis. Moreover, it has a number of features that facilitate the operator\'s work.

For example, the operator of the sprayer may be on the go without leaving the cab, to modify the height of the hydraulic boom from the earth in the range from 0.6 m to 1.85 m. In addition, there is a possibility of smooth variation of track width of the unit in the range from 1.55 m to 2.1 m.

To ensure a high level of reliability and durability, the manufacture of the sprayer are used components of leading global manufacturers, as well as the best materials and techniques.
Injection mixers whose purpose - to maintain the concentration of the working liquid in a plastic tank of the unit at a constant level, are equipped with tips of ceramic.

The spraying system is equipped with special 3 ways nozzles holder of German company \"Lechler\" with nozzle (ID injector).

Hydraulic boom and frame are made of corrosion-resistant metal parts. It is achieved by using processing technologies of sandblasting and painting powder polymer.

The pendulum mechanism and a special system consisting of several hydraulic and mechanical elements provides damping of oscillations of the boom and the stability of its position during operation.

Even hitting the sprayer on the obstacle will not cause any problems on the condition that deviation of the boom does not exceed 45? horizontal and 15? vertical. Protection mechanism will return the boom to its working position.

The length of the bulk structure of the hydraulic boom is 21 m. Due to this, the sprayer is able for some time to process a large area. Moreover, the processing area can be further by performing the processing at higher speed. This opportunity allowed by wheel with a diameter R42 and a considerable ground clearance - 650 mm.

A key element in the management of the sprayer is a computer of Italian company \"ARAG\" (model \"Bravo 180\"). It makes it possible for the operator control of the processing speed, size of the treated area, the working liquid level in the tank, processing time, movement route, the number of spent fluid and other important parameters.

Among the equipment installed optionally, it is worth noting GPS Navigator of \"Cruizer II\" model and the autopilot \"SmartSteer\" from the American manufacturer \"Raven\". Their usage makes the control of the route of sprayer motion absolutely simple and easy.

Автор: Виталий Серый

GPS navigator, manufacturer/model: \"RAVEN\"/\"Cruizer II\"
Foam marker
Set: \"Self-filling\"
Autopilot, manufacturer/model: \"RAVEN\"/\"SmartSteer\"
Wide-angle cardan shaft, manufacturer/model: \"Weasler\" / AW21-80

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