Two-position ball valves

Кран двухпозиционный 2" (код 45511107)

This model of ball valve has a threaded connection (internal thread BSP) and the largest nominal diameter of two inches. Maximum working pressure is 10 bar. A body with a ball made of polypropylene and reinforced with glass fiber.

This ball valve with internal thread on 11/2" has a polypropylene body and the ball. The maximum pressure that it can withstand - 1 MPa. The nominal diameter of the crane is 40. The height is 133 mm.

The ball type valve with the body and ball made of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass. DN 32. The seals are made of EPDM material and a seat made of teflon. The diameter of the inner thread is 11/4".

A 2-position valve with DN 25. The material from which made the ball and the valve body (polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber) allows it to work even at a pressure of 1600 kPa. The internal thread has a diameter of 1".

Ball valve with three-quarter internal thread (BSP G3/4F) that is 2-position. The body height is 86 mm. The nominal diameter of DN19. Maximum operating pressure is 16 atmospheres. Sealing material - EPDM, seats is made of teflon.

Compact modification of ball valve with body height of 86 mm and an internal connecting thread 1/2". Robust design of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene ensures product performance even at 16 bars of pressure.

This 2-position valve with a fork type connection (T7) with the nominal diameter of DN50. It belongs to ball type valves, due to increased polypropylene body and ball with fiberglass and withstands the pressure of 800 kPa.

The valve with two working positions and fork attachment (T4). It has DN25 and different dimensions than the models with large DN (body height 95 mm). The seals are made of EPDM.

Model of 2-position ball valve with seals of VitonR material. Suitable for containers for the liquid cargo transporting. Safe design eliminates the accidental opening. The body is made of reinforced polypropylene withstands chemicals.

Modification of 2-position ball type valve with an adapter having a threaded connection (internal thread BSP G2F). The nominal diameter of DN50. It can operate at a pressure not exceeding 10 atmospheres. Body material - reinforced polypropylene.