Membrane-piston pumps

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 70 (1201)

This model of the membrane-piston pump, equipped with two membranes and a motor that rotates at a speed of 550 rpm, capable of pumping 72 liters per minute. It develops a maximum pressure of 20 bar. Weight 9.5 kg

Производительность 72 л/мин
Макс. Давление 20 бар

Three membranes of the pump and motor with a power of 4100W give him the opportunity to pump up to 108 liters of liquid per minute. In this case, the temperature of the liquid must not exceed 60 °C.

Model with productivity of up to 128 liters per minute. The pump has such volumetric flow, thanks to the number of membranes (3) and pump power (6.8 HP). The engine speed - 540 rpm.

Производительность на максимуме 128 л/мин
Частота вращения, оборотов в мин. 540
membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 145 (1219)

The sprayers with hydraulic booms of 21 meter are equipped with such model. Its maximum productivity is 7.98 m3 per hour. The inlet pipe diameter - 40 mm and output - 25 mm. Weight - 23 kg.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 160 (1209)

The performance of this pump allows including it in the design of sprayers, completed with hydraulic boom with length of 18 to 21 meters. The number of the membrane pump is 4. The pump can withstand a pressure of 2000 kPa.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 185 (1210)

Collectors and pump chambers have plastic protective covering. The air chamber effectively carries the damping of pulsations. The valves have a reinforced structure; the body is made of metal. It is used in sprayers with a boom of 18-24 m length.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 215 (31198)

The number of membranes of this model — 6. A motor rotating at a speed of 540 rpm and develops power 9.9 hp. It provides pumping to 13146 liters per hour. The model weighs 38.5 kg.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 250 (31199)

Sprayers that have the hydraulic boom with length more than 24 meters, equipped with this model pump and capable the pumping of 184,7 liters per minute when the motor speed is 350 rpm and 254,4 liters — in 540 rpm.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 280 (1182)

The pump with productivity of 16.67 cubic meters per hour, equipped with a powerful engine and six membranes. It can pump liquid with a temperature not exceeding 60 ºC. The diameter of the inlet pipe 60 mm, output — 35 mm.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi AR 150 for garden sprayers (850)

Special model pump designed for use in garden sprayers. Equipped with the inlet diameter of 40 mm and couple of outputs with a diameter of 13 mm. and weight of 40 kg can withstand the pressure of 5000 kPa.

membrane-piston pump Annovi Reverberi garden sprayers (759)

Lightweight version of the pump for garden sprayers. It has 4 membrane and motor that provides volumetric flow 116 l/min. It has a metal body, protective plastic coating of reservoirs and chambers, reinforced valves.