Seletron nozzle keeper

Seletron nozzle keeper
Seletron nozzle keeper
Система отключения форсунок Seletron
Система отключения форсунок Seletron

The solenoid valve that controls the injectors. It has an integrated electronic control unit that controls the motor. It transmits and receives data from a computer via the CAN bus. It allows splitting the boom into as many sections as installed nozzles.

SELETRON is a solenoid valve that allows the nozzles control: each of them individually, independently of the others. The valve is mounted on the nozzle holder of ARAG Company. The valve has an integrated electronic unit for engine control. Information exchange with the PC is done via the CAN data exchange bus. Through it, the valve electronics receives the command signals to open / close or send information about the current status of the solenoid.

Thanks to the work of nozzle keeper SELETRON, it is possible to divide the boom into as many partitions as the nozzles in the unit. Due to this, it becomes the minimum number of overlays, reduced operating costs, reduced pollution effect on the environment (the buffer zone). For two or four branches, SELETRON provides automatic selection of the nozzle (or some combination) depending on the speed mode and the instantaneous value of the dosage (the changing rate of the fluid introduction).

The valve characterized by low consumption of electric current that is limited by its operation point.

The single cable for power supply and send the command signals to 104 motors.

Easy installation, small size, light weight enable simple retrofitting of already operated aggregates.

The liquid has the ability to free circulation of the boom, due to the placing the valves in the immediate vicinity of the nozzles. Due to this, the valve-equipped aggregates have the following advantages:

  • dead capacity (non-solvent residues) is much less;
  • there are less environment polluting when flushing rods;
  • a chemical preparation has a uniform concentration at the start of a new process;
  • the flow of 0.21 m3/h at 0.35 atm;
  • the flow of 0.24 m3/h at 0.5 atm;
  • the opening / closing of 400 ms.

Using of SELETRON can turn an ordinary sprayer in functional and preserving the environment unit that can monitor even one nozzle, making possible alternative to traditional ways of developing units for spraying. SELETRON overcomes the boundaries of usual, that are created by common parts and units for such equipment, improves the accuracy of the preparation introduction and reduce the pollution of nature.

Principle of Operation

Solenoid valve of SELETRON automatically selects nozzles or combinations to achieve the desired rate of fluid introduction depending on the speed change. The pressure remains within optimal for reducing wear.

Автор: Александр Малый

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