Bravo 180 Computer

Bravo 180 Computer
Bravo 180 Computer
Компьютер Bravo 180
Компьютер Bravo 180

Economical, reliable and powerful computer that allows to control the speed, covered distance, the flow rate of a working liquid, the processing area, a working liquid flow per unit area and the total consumption, voltage of the battery, the value of the operating pressure.

Model Bravo 180S is the smallest of the range computers Precision Farming. However, as other models, it has excellent performance characteristics.

This model combines such advantages as portability and efficiency, accuracy and reliability. This system fully satisfies the requirements of operators of agricultural aggregates of small and medium sizes.

  • The integrated level indicator.
  • Connection ports for a GPS-navigator and the main unit remote control.
  • USB port for data exchange and upgrade programs.
  • Special programs for the sprayed aggregates of garden and field types and the aggregates that perform processing of inter-row crops.
  • Displays the level in the tank (secondary level sensor).
  • Auto calibration of the tank profile with a linear flow meter and export the function characteristics using a USB drive.
  • Auto adjust based on the determination of the pressure or flow (respectively, are used as the pressure sensor or flow meter).
  • Auto lock workflow in the case that the speed drops to below a predetermined level. Therefore, spray equipment is operated, not going beyond the permissible limits.
  • Auto lock workflow in the case that the pressure drops to below a predetermined level. Therefore, spray equipment is operated, not going beyond the permissible limits.
  • The memory can be stored up to ten setup mode (dispensing, spray guns and so on.), Caused when necessary.
  • Visual and audible warning about accidents.
  • Immediate increase and decrease the capacity of the fluid.
  • Multilanguage software and the ability to specify the co
  • rect unit of measurement (gal/l/ha and others).
  • Displays information about: application rate, flow rate, capacity consumed, the level in the tank area, which has been subjected to processing, the processing time, distance covered, speed, pressure.

The Unit of Electronic Monitoring and Automatic Adjustment "BRAVO 180"

This is a computer system that controls and regulates the flow rate of the working liquid per unit of area completely in auto mode. Moreover, the preservation of a given application rate is guaranteed at any speed of movement of the unit.

The driver has the opportunity to monitor all the main parameters of the working process, block the flow of working liquid to the boom and, if necessary, block the flow at its individual sections. The computer may beep, signaling in case of emergencies. The display shows the data of: speed (km / h), the working liquid flow rate (l / ha), standard nozzles size, the treated area (ha), the passed unit way (km); processing time (in hours); overall consumption of the working liquid (in liters); battery voltage (in volts); the system operating pressure (in bars); the working liquid flow rate (l / min).

The device consists of:

  • block computer control and adjustment,
  • remote control with solenoid valves,
  • dlow meter,
  • connecting cables,
  • ower cable,
  • speed sensor.

Equipped with a computer unit consumes fertilizers with a very high degree of efficiency.

Also ensure a comprehensive monitoring and tracking of the process, thereby reducing the cost of chemical products for the care of crops, improved performance metric of the unit, and operator work becomes a lot easier and more comfortable.

Автор: Александр Малый

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