mixer Polmac 50

mixer Polmac 50
mixer Polmac 50

A specific feature of this mixer is the impressive size of the tank and an additional cover that protects the sensors during the spraying process.

Capacity 50 liters.
Viewing window 2 pcs.
Preparative form of pesticide dry, granulated, emulsions, liquid.

Mixer of a working liquidQUADRA, Polmac50

Working liquid mixers of this principle of operation provide for a gradual stirring of the plant treatment products with the water, supply the working solution to the tank and have the additional function of washing the canisters and the tank of the mixer.

There is an ejector tee used to prepare a solution in this mixer. With the use of such a tee, the process of filling the spray tank with preparations is accelerated by eliminating the foaming inside. The process of gradually feeding a pesticide that dissolved in water into the main tank of the sprayer through the non-return valve reduces foaming.

The operator has the least contact with chemical preparations due to the fact that the operations for mixing the pesticide with water occur at a convenient level. That is, the operator, standing on the ground, can make all the necessary manipulations. In addition, a suction pistol and a hose are supplied with the mixer. With their help, its possible to fill a mixer tank with the pesticide from large cans. Two viewing windows allow to control the process inside the mixer tank.

The additional cover protects from damage the sensors, that must be available only during the mixing process.

The quality plastic of mixer tank is not amenable to the action of pesticides. There is a function of washing the mixer to simplify the maintenance of the tank capacity.

Автор: Александр Малый

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