Three-position ball valves

three-position crane 2

3-position ball type valve with a nominal diameter of DN50. The body and ball of the valve is made of polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass. It allows operating at pressures up to 1 MPa.

Three-position crane 1 "1/2 (45521116)

1,5" (DN40) ball valve with connection in the form of an internal BSP thread G2F and a maximum operating pressure of 1000 kPa. The body height of 152 mm made of polypropylene that is further reinforced with fiberglass.

Three-position crane 1 "1/4 (45521115)

Inner thread diameter 1 1/4“ serves to attach this three-way valve to the system. Thread type BSP. The pressure of 10 bar is the maximum to use the ball valves of this design.

three-position crane 1" (45521114)

Smaller nominal diameter (DN25) of the valve, as well as the materials from which made its structural components (polypropylene, fiberglass, EPDM, teflon) allow it to withstand pressure up to 16 atm. Valve type - ball, 3-position.

Three-position crane G 1/2 "(code 45521113)

The smallest nominal diameter (DN16) and dimensions (body height is 101 mm) model of 3-position valve with 0.5" inner thread (BSP G1/2F). The ball and the body are made of polypropylene (reinforced with fiberglass).