Centrifugal pumps

centrifugal pump with hydraulic system FMCB-150BSP-HYD-304-10SAE-CI (47092)

The pump is driven by a hydraulic system of the traction machine. It is capable of providing a high pressure and a large volumetric flow to sprayers in systems with large volume of tanks and long hydraulic booms.

centrifugal pump with hydraulic system FMC-200F-HYD-304-10SAE (47098)

This centrifugal pump is ideal for spraying systems for mixing in large tanks, pumping liquids, and operations for combining spraying and pumping. To connect to the system use the flanges of industrial design.

centrifugal pump with hydraulic actuator FMC-650F-HYD-10SAE (47099)

The geometry of the impeller of this pump is modified, whereby it creates a higher pressure at a lower engine speed. The flow of the working liquid at the inlet must not exceed 53 l/min.

centrifugal pump with hydraulic system FMCB-200BSP-HYD-310-10SAE-CI (47096)

The working liquid that input to the pump with a 310-th engine should arrive in a maximum of 60.6 l/min. Its performance is ideal for spraying and pumping. The connection is threaded.

centrifugal pump with drive ВОМ - PTOC - 150 SERIES (47094)

This pump provides fuel economy, thanks to the engine at lower rpm. The pressure value is retained sufficient for spraying. At a flow rate of 151 l/min is able to maintain a pressure of 6.9 atm.