Flowmeter 5-100 l/min FL463 40bar (4621АА30000)

Flange flow meter with a measurement error of not more than 0.5% of span, working pressure up to 40 bar and a power of 11 to 15 volts (300 mA) AC. Not sensitive to turbulence.

Flowmeter Wolf 10-200 l/min FL463 (46264А0)

Precise and reliable flowmeter model with flanges for attachment to valves of 463 Series. It is equipped with LED that signals about the operation of the device, as well as the electronic sensor that is hermetically protected against ingress of liquid.

Flowmeter Wolf 10-200 l/min T5 F-M 20bar (4626415)

Modifying device for measuring the flow rate that equipped with a connection of fork type (T5). It has very high levels of measurement accuracy and reliability. It has a sapphire blade shaft to minimize friction, enhancing sensitivity and accuracy.

Flowmeter with fork attachment type T6. The assembly node of the impeller of the device is equipped with a TWIST system to facilitate operations for its cleaning and replacement without tools. The measurement error - 1% of the scale.