mixer Polmac 42

mixer Polmac 42
mixer Polmac 42

A capacious tank of this mixer will speed up the process of mixing the working solution.

Capacity 42 liters.
Viewing window 2 pcs.
Preparative form of pesticide dry, granulated, emulsions, liquid.

Mixer of a working liquidQUADRA, Polmac42

The capacity of the tank is 42 liters. Such a mixer can be used to prepare a solution from liquid, loose, granulated preparations and emulsions. The working process in the mixer is based on the principle of ejection. This means that the water under pressure is supplied into the lower part of the mixer, where the ejector tee is located. Here the water is mixed with pesticides and moves to the working tank through a non-return valve.

Thanks to the use of this principle in the mixer the quality of the finished solution that is sprayed is improved, and also the foaming during the preparation of the mixtures in the tank is minimized. The foaming in the spray tank slows down the process of filling the tank with the preparation and, of course, the spraying process.

The use of the mixer also reduces the contact period of the operator with chemicals that are used to protect plants. Using a mixer ensures that there is no need to lift containers with a pesticide concentrate to fill them directly into the spray tank through the neck. The mixer is placed on the sprayer so that it is convenient to fill the preparation while standing on the ground. The process of mixing is easily controlled through two windows that are located on the cover of the mixer.

In case of subject to the rules of using the product, the mixer tank will serve you more than one year, because it is made of high-quality plastic with resistant to chemical pesticides action. In addition to this its available the function of washing the mixer tank. This provides the considerably increasing the period of its use.

Such a mixer can easily be mounted to any sprayer with a special mount. And to use liquid preparations to the last drop, there is a nozzle for washing canisters, as well as self-intake from large tanks. There are a non-return valve, a suction pistol and a hose for this purpose. The double cover protects the devices at the top of the mixer tank that are used only during mixing.

Автор: Александр Малый

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