Field Day as part of the event Potato Workshop 2015

July 30, 2015. on the basis of the farm "Brovary potatoes" in with. Semipovki (Kievskoe shosse 1A), Kiev region, Brovarsky district, Field Day was held within the framework of the Potato Workshop event from the Dutch company Agrico and Syngenta with the participation of the Ukrainian Potato Manufacturers Association, the Institute of Potato Growing of the National Academy of Sciences and others. The event was attended by our company, presenting the work of the trailed sprayer STORM 3000-24 P. Potato Institute at the event is represented by new varieties: Solokha, Shchedrik, Knyaginya, Soglasie, Slauta.

The Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers, during preparation for the event, conducted research to determine the most popular and effective potato variety in Ukraine for the year 2015. These studies have shown that the variety Slavyanka, the Institute of Potato Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, took the second place among the most popular and effective varieties of potato of Ukrainian and foreign breeding.