4. What is the difference between forced filling and self-filling of the tank?

When it is the self-filling of the sprayer, the liquid will be drawn from any water reservoir by its own suction pump. The self-filling should be used as a reserve action, in case when other way to fill does not work. The speed of filling the main tank is equivalent to the pump power: 145, 160, or 185 l/min. The forced filling the tank is used for filling the main tank of the sprayer through the tanker. The quick clutch "mother" installed on the sprayer and connected to the clutch "father" on the tanker. The pump is activated and the tanker fills the sprayer. Kit allows you to quickly fill the sprayer without risk for the operator to poison by harmful fumes, as it is possible, if the mother solution is poured into the sprayer through filler neck of tank.