Self-Propelled Sprayers

Self-propelled sprayer MAF 4200

Designed for large farms, it is a thoroughbred breed, running to achieve important goals. The MAF 4200 is designed with a large load capacity for wide plains, where it can express the best of the characteristics in terms of speed, efficiency and performance.

Boomwidth, m 28/32/36
Tank capacity, m3 4.6
Self-Propelled Sprayer IBIS 3000-28

A model with a extended grip of the boom (28 m), five step of track width, a capacious tank (3150 liters) and a ground clearance of 1.8 m, that allows processing the industrial crops.

Boom width, m 28
Tank capacity, m3 3.15
Self-Propelled Sprayer IBIS 3000-24

The unit is self-propelled type, suitable for the protection of industrial crops. It is equipped with all-wheel drive transmission, upon request. It has a large clearance (1800 mm) and a boom with a very wide grip (24 m).

Boom width, m 24
Tank capacity, m3 3.15

Self-propelled sprayer is an agricultural unit, whose design represents the union of spraying equipment and power tools in a single chassis. These aggregates are ideal for processing fields planted row crops (sunflower, corn), especially in farms that have needs to cover large fields quickly and efficiently. In households with smaller crop areas, but a large proportion of cultivated crops in the crop rotation, they will also be useful. Farms that cultivate the soil with the help of small destruction loosening (technology Mini-Till) or without tillage (No-Till technology) will not be able to do without these sprayers.

Self-Propelled Sprayers from the Manufacturer

BOGUSLAV® provides its customers with the best self-propelled sprayers both in quality and in functionality. 

The high quality of all parts and components is achieved through the use in their manufacture of advanced modern technology and design decisions, as well as the cooperation with the worldwide leading companies: "Poclain Hydraulics", "Sauer" (transmission), "Perkins" (diesel engine), "ARAG" (computers and spraying accessories).

Self-propelled sprayers proposed by BOGUSLAV® have many advantages. They have significantly reduced weight and excellent maneuverability, combined with significant ground clearance (1800mm) and adjustable track width allows the treatment of a wide range of crops. Hydraulic transmission ensures smooth changes speed mode. Accumulators, filled with nitrogen, and the independence of the hydro-pneumatic suspension allow not to have problems with the movement of the unit, even when the processing at high speed.

The large capacity of the working liquid tank, boom with self-leveling system, the availability of on-board computer, reliability and high performance - all these features are offered by self-propelled sprayers enable secure, long and comfortable treatment of the fields with full control over the process.
The machine has a 24m boom fitted as standard with stainless steel boom lines and tri jets.

Buy self-propelled sprayer at the best price

If you are interested in purchasing the self-propelled sprayers, please contact the BOGUSLAV® and make sure that the quality of the agricultural machinery is high, and the prices - very competitive.

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